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Post #5 DOK- Erik, Jaap and Geert, thank you for visiting my Dominican class and sharing your innovative ideas!
October 21, 2007, 4:34 pm
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I was very inspired by the gentlemen from Delft. It was really interesting and exciting to see a functioning library that was actively using some modern day technologies, such as sonic chairs and wii gaming systems. I believe the whole idea of flexible spacing is extremely important, after all, the library is supposed to be a commons area. Why not, make that commons area be for music or art exhibits? I love the idea of bringing the library together with technology and music. Being in education, the future library could also have a recording lab, where there are turn tables for mixing music or even a set up where people put together play lists for downloading. In addition, what about a design studio, where classes on Adobe photoshop or Adobe illustrator are held, or even just making that product available to the public?  How about a movie making lab, where people could check out a digital video recorder and have a place where they could work and practice with a movie making software, such as imovie. All of these products are very pricey and people would then come to use the library to create.


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I think those are really good ideas. The things that are drawing people to the library are items they can’t get on their own and items that allow participation. People are more engaged when they can participate in something; certainly learning happens that way. Cool.

Comment by michelle oh

I agree that getting to meet/see the guys was inspirational and that the experiences they’re having are really exciting for us to learn from. I’m glad it helped you think of ways to apply some tech things in a library.

Comment by kohara191

very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

Comment by Idetrorce

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Comment by createmo

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