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Blogpost on Web Design Assignment
December 2, 2007, 3:37 pm
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Let me just say that I thought that I knew a thing or two about technology, however I feel like a complete novice after completing this assignment.  There are so many things about the Internet that I take for granted.  For example,  now I know how much goes into making and designing a single web page.  Wow!  I am decently happy with my creation, but I know that there is so much more that I could have done.  I think that I spent too much time editing my photos with  I have to say, I absolutely love this website, it is so extremely helpful with editing photos and I know that I will continue to use it for many of my projects in work, school and social life. 

Here it is…..

When I began this assignment, I wanted to be able to use my webpage on the school website where I am a school librarian.  Speaking to the technology coordinator at my school, he wants the entire site of our school to be unified.  He has decided to look into using WordPress for our website because it’s something that teachers, administrators, parents and staff can modify without sending everything to him.  I think it’s a fabulous idea.